Alan Becker Capuyá

Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer


💼Sr. Full Stack Developer|Exo Mindset|2021-09-13-2021-12-31

Currently working for an important international retail client on a logistic application.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Next, React, Node, Fastify, React Testing Library, Jest, Jira, GitHub


I worked on the frontend: fixing bugs, adjusting the design and developing screens from scratch were part of my day. First I worked on a Web project with Vue, then I moved to a Mobile App with NativeScript and Vue. Also connect the frontend with the backend with API endpoints.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, Vuetify, NativeScript, Jira, BitBucket

💼Argentina Marketing Manager|Status|2020-06-29-2021-09-30

I was in charge of the promotion of Status and the community in Argentina. I carried duties as setting up and moderate an Argentina or Spanish-speaker community channel in Status, create relationships with local strategic partners, identify virtual events and groups in the area and present at those, translate key blog posts and social media content into Spanish, stream live events to demonstrate Status key features and identify new ideas on how to penetrate the Argentina market. Also, as part of the Influencer Program I had calls with the influencers to discuss the arrangements, see how we can work together and be available for interviews as a representative of Status.

💼Ssr Full Stack Developer|Karvi|2020-01-07-2020-03-20

Although I worked with the frontend team very closely, I as part of the backend team I mainly focused on creating and providing the API endpoints they needed to use on the frontend. I've worked on putting on production a chat for the web, along with Twilio, creating some tables with an ORM for PostgreSQL and adjusted some endpoints to retrieve the necessary data for the rest of the team.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node, Next, Express, PostgreSQL, Debugging, Jira, GitHub

💼Developer|BigBox Argentina|2019-10-18-2020-01-03

Transforming designs from the UX/UI department into fully functional features. Mainly working in the frontend, but slowly adding the backend skills of the (new for me) stack as Python, Django and GraphQL. Bug fixing, code refactoring and frameworks migration was also part of the work.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, Git, BitBucket, Jira, GraphQL, Python, Django, Code Reviews, Debugging, Troubleshooting

💼Application Development Associate|Accenture|2018-10-22-2019-10-11

The project I worked on consisted in building an existing app from scratch with a new stack. The team was mostly US citizens and some Argentines. At the beginning was just a logging of working hours, but later on it grew with admin panels, charts, different views per teams and so on. I worked across all the application, creating components and views, routes, Node functions on the Lambda serverless backend, connecting it with DynamoDB, worked on getting 80% coverage on the unit test of the application, fixing bugs and improving the logic of the code. On the last month, I worked on a different project with Wordpress, focused on accessibility bugs, assigning the tasks to our team and helping it reach the deadline to fix all the bugs, and reporting the status to our superiors.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, Node, Git, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3, AWS API Gateway, Unit Testing, Jest, Mocha, WordPress, Agile Development, Scrum, Code Reviews, Documentation, Debugging, Troubleshooting

📚Intensive Basic Training/Piscine|42 Silicon Valley|2018-01-2018-02

C, Bash

📚Micro-scholarship of English Access Cohort 8 of Science|ICANA & U.S. Embassy in Argentina|2017-09-19-2018-12-14

📚Full Stack Web Developer|Digital House|2017-07-31-2017-12-14

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, React, Agile Development, Scrum

📚Web Developer|INI Computación - Instituto Nacional de Informática|2006-03-01-2006-10-21

HTML, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Action Script


In charge of the redesign and implementation of the new site. Serverless made with Github Pages, Netlify, Jekyll and Netlify CMS, improving the performance ratio by far in comparison with the previous version, and also the reliability. It also helps changing the data of the website just by editing a YAML, instead of editing the raw HTML code, so any volunteer can edit it with simple guidelines.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Github Pages, Jekyll, Netlify, Netlify CMS

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